Welcome to McDonald County Bid Notices page. Below you will find information that will help contractors serve McDonald County better. Request to be on BID List:

  • BIDDER must supply all contact information to McDonald County Commission
  • Company Name, Point of Contact, Phone No. Fax No. & email address

Invitation for Bids/Proposals will be advertised two weeks before bid opening date in local newspaper (McDonald County Newspapers or Neosho Daily News)


Invitations for Bids and Proposals documents are available on this website in the .pdf format. In order to view or print them, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Reader, click on the icon below.

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems opening PDFs using IE8, please place the mouse over the selected PDF, right-click then select "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window".

File Date
2019 Law Tire Bid.pdf 02-21-2019
2019 Oil Primer Bid.pdf 02-21-2019
2019 Rock Bid.pdf 02-21-2019
2019 C3 Tire Bid.pdf 02-21-2019
2019 Asphalt Bid.pdf 02-21-2019
Request for Qualifications.pdf 08-22-2018
NRCS Bid Submittal Sheet 2018.pdf 08-15-2018
NRCS 2018 Bid Invitation.pdf 08-06-2018
180729 2018MO005 Buffalo Creek at CR 4357-APPROVED Design.pdf 08-03-2018
McDonald County 2018 EWP Site Showing .pdf 08-03-2018
SWL 2008-00066 PN.pdf 08-03-2018
180729 2018MO005 Buffalo Creek at Klondike Road-APPROVED Plan.pdf 08-03-2018
180729 2018MO005 Buffalo Creek at May Road-APPROVED Design.pdf 08-03-2018
180729 2018MO002 Elk River at Elk River Road APPROVED Design.pdf 08-03-2018
2018 Public Notice Stogden Creek Bridge CLOSURE.pdf 06-27-2018
2018 LE Tire Notie of Bid.pdf 02-01-2018
2018 Rock Bid.pdf 02-01-2018
2018 C3 Tire Bid Feb.pdf 02-01-2018
2018 Asphalt Oil Bid.pdf 02-01-2018